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Coal Miners To Demand Congress Restore Full Black Lung Benefits Tax -NPR

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“Dozens of coal miners are expected on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, where they’ll press federal regulators and members of Congress to address the epidemic of deadly progressive massive fibrosis, the advanced stage of black lung disease.

They’ll ask lawmakers to fully restore a coal excise tax that pays for medical care and some living expenses for miners diagnosed with black lung, a crippling disease caused by the inhalation of coal and silica dust. The tax was cut more than 50% at the end of last year. It supports the federal Black Lung Disability Trust Fund, which is more than $4 billion in debt.”
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Updates on the EPA rollback of Coal Emission Standards

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Below are some articles we thought would be helpful for those who would like to stay updated on the EPA rollbacks of Obama-era regulations on coal emissions, which instead allow for states to have more discretion.


Washington Post:

DEEOIC Medical Provider Update

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The U.S. Department of Labor- Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs- Division of Energy Employees Occupational Illness has issued an update to instructions for regarding OWCP-1500 Field 5 Submissions.

“Effective May 5, 2019, DEEOIC will enforce completion of Field 5 on the OWCP-1500 Health Insurance Claim Form. When submitting the OWCP-1500, providers are required to enter the patient’s mailing address and zip code in Field 5. If Field 5 is incomplete, DEEOIC will return the OWCP-1500 and the provider will be required to resubmit the form with the required information.”

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